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Commands - For Users - For Mods - For Admins

For Users

Anni mainly revolves around your user profile, which stores a short bio, your birthday, and your timezone. You can do most of these commands via DM.

Get some help, with Anni or with a command. profile

Get all the commands you have access to.


Get your user profile.


Get the setup info DM'd to you.

anni.profile setup

Hide or show your profile on a given server. *Not in DM

anni.profile hide
anni.profile show

Set your birthday. Including the year is optional, and will add your age to your profile. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.

anni.birthday 07/21
anni.birthday 07/21/1999

Set your timezone. This is done by inputting the nearest "time zone city" to you. In the USA, these are usually Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, or New York. If you don't know what city to input, use this link and click on the map to find out.

anni.timezone chicago

Set your About Me on your profile. 1000 character max.

anni.about Hey, I do some things and like other things.

Show all the birthdays in the server. *Not in DM


Show the current local times in the server. *Not in DM

anni.time 9pm

For Mods

Mod commands are obviously available to Admins as well, and mainly revolve around the posting of bulletins (embeds).

Post an embed (Such as one made with this generator)

anni.bulletin { "title": "Hello and welcome!" }

Edit a bulletin you've already posted with Anni. (Anni can only edit her own messages after all!) If you're unsure of how to get a message ID, click this link and Discord will tell you.

anni.edit messageID { "title": "Hello and Welcome!" }

For Admins

All of Anni's admin commands are server configuration commands.

Get the setup info DM'd to you. Use in server, this is necessary to do any admin commands via DM.


Get the current server configuration.


Change the prefix. By default this is "anni.". Prefix cannot contain any spaces.

anni.prefix ??

Set the channel used for birthday reminders/announcements. #general-chat

Set the message for announcements or reminders.
{user} = @user / {users} = @users's / {date} = date
Must include {user} or {users}

anni.announce Hey {user}, it's your birthday!
anni.reminder Hey, it's {users} birthday on {date}!