Hello! I'm a birthday bot! I keep track of your birthday, and send out reminders when it's coming up! (And announcements day of!) I also keep track of what timezone you're in - so you know what time it is locally for people in different places!

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Get Started

Click the Invite Button above to add Anni to your server. Follow the prompts sent to you via DM (if you are the server owner). If you are not the owner, but have admin permissions, run anni.setup in your server.


Anni keeps track of birthdays by assigning them to your user profile, which you can use anni.profile to view. Once your birthday is set and visible on a server, the server can be configured to send out a reminder for your birthday one week beforehand, as well as a happy birthday announcement on the day of.

You can omit the year when adding your birthday, it's only needed if you want to add your age to your profile. You can set your birthday using the anni.birthday command, in MM/DD format.

anni.birthday 03/21
anni.birthday 03/21/2000

If you're a server admin, you need to set the birthday announcement channel at least, for announcements and reminders to work. You can also optionally change the default Reminder and Announcement messages. #general-chat
anni.reminder Psssst, it's {users} birthday in a week. (on {date}) <3
anni.announce Happy Birthday, {user}! I hope you have a fantastic day <3

You can use {user} for @User, or {users} for @User's. One of them is required to set a message. You can also pass {date} to get the date of the birthday.


In addition to birthdays, you can also attach a timezone to your profile. This way, when your profile is viewed, it will display your local time as well. This is done by passing your nearest timezone "city". For US users, that's usually Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and New York.

anni.timezone New York
anni.timezone Melbourne

If you don't know your timezone, you can find the name by clicking on your location here on this map.


A mod only feature, bulletins are discord embeds that you can control. You can use an embed creator such as this one, and pass it to the post command. { "title": "Welcome!" }
anni.edit 606874363089649684 { "title": "Hi!" }

Once a bulletin is posted, you can then use the edit command to edit it as necessary. You'll need to get the message ID.